Prolonging the Life of a Vehicle

Most drivers know that preventative maintenance will help prolong the life of their vehicles. Oil changes, tune ups, rotating the tires, and topping off fluids are a few common services that should be completed periodically. In addition to those, there are many other ways to protect the vehicle from frequent repairs and deterioration. Parking in the garage or under a carport will protect the windshield, paint, and lights from harsh elements and keep the snow off in the winter. Snow can be heavy, depending on the amount, which puts excessive pressure on the roof and windshield. If there is no garage or carport, be sure to clear off the car frequently during a snow storm or blizzard, even if the vehicle will not be venturing out of the driveway for a few days.

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Keeping the vehicle clean inside and out will also prolong the life of the car. Dirt, debris, sand, and bird droppings will build up on the vehicle if the car is not washed regularly. The car will not only look dull and dingy, it will be more susceptible to scratches and damage. Wind will blow dirt and sand across the paint which can leave scratches, bird droppings will corrode the finish and expose the paint to moisture and debris. Wheel wells will rust out quickly if mud is allowed to remain there over an extended period of time. Cleaning the inside will prevent the carpeting, fabric, or leather from deteriorating. Fibers can clump together, fray, or split at the ends when exposed to spills, food particles, mud or dirt, and the weight of piled up garbage. Debris and dust can infiltrate cracks and small spaces between buttons, knobs, and the gear shift, as well as on the steering wheel. That may have adverse effects on the computerized systems of the dashboard.

Insisting on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts during a repair or after a Collision, will also protect the value of vehicle and maintain the safety rating. In most cases, settling for after market parts, used ones, or rebuilt systems will render the original warranty null and void. Read the terms and conditions in the owner’s manual and review the insurance policy to make sure OEM parts are included in coverage. Find an experienced shop for Collision Repair Staten Island that employs only certified mechanics for top quality repairs and body work.

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